Fast Video Production & Videographers

Sometimes a business will have an urgent requirement for video, for example if an opportunity to tender for a large contract comes up and you might need to move with pace in order to secure the contract. In this instance you need a video production company that can take the initiative and run with a video at short notice. We do exactly that.

Low Cost Video Production & Videographers

At Gone Visual Productions we set about creating a video production company that was designed from the ground up to offer highly professional video production at a price that businesses of any size could afford. We achieve this by operating a lean business that employs highly professional multi-skilled people who work fast and efficiently. That means it takes a smaller crew less time to produce your video that other video production companies might be able to. We have experience in several different industries so being flexible is our middle name.

Your Vision, Your Values and Your Purpose

We give you the opportunity to express the values of your business. Your customers want to know that they can trust the business they are working with.

Leisure/Sport Events

We can cover events such as sports tournaments or company events. Anything you can think of!


Training is everything when it comes to hiring someone. So leverage you and your teams’ time by filming value-based training videos to get new employees on the right track.

Property and Appliance Photography

Want to show off one of your products or projects? We now offer edited photography for projects and property to really show off the work you can do. Click the link below to see some amazing examples.

Production Videos

Want to show off one of your products or services? Well this is the one for you. We can film the process it takes for you to produce a product or service from start to finish!

Video Editing Service

We offer a remote editing service. Whether you have a wedding video, a corporate project, or something else,
Gone Visual Productions offer a first class service for all your editing needs.

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