Our Vision Is Your Vision

Gone Visual Productions strives to reach every corner of the world in order to help businesses and people to grow with the use of film and photography.

We set out to be a strategic arm for growing businesses to market their products, team and celebrate their goals. We aim to be be an educational hub for anyone to learn about the use of film and photography to help expand their marketing.

What we stand for

We are dedicated to every client that works with us, working with them to build their dream content and guiding them on how to utilise the power of film and photography.

We value our relationships and have a long-term commitment to every client we work with. This gives us the opportunities to work with small businesses up to large corporations, and knowing that are values never change.

What is our mission

We set out to be the best version of ourselves and the company every single day. We supply a range of services to fit the needs of different industries across the world, giving us an edge on other production companies in the UK.

Our passion for film and photography is just the base layer of our commitment to every project. With years of experience expanding throughout the team, this allows us to confidently work on different projects, complex or not.

Director of Operations

Sam Bardsley

Sam started Gone Visual Productions after studying Business and Media and found a passion for Video Marketing. Next thing he knew he was meeting with manufacturers and business coaches to discuss how he could visualise their marketing ideas. Gone Visual now works within several different…

Director of Film & Photography

Alex Horrox

Alex joined the team after finding a love for interior photography and video whilst working in the furniture making and design industry. Thanks to this, Alex has a keen eye for detail and is always wanting to present the best he can to the customer,…


Great things happen when building long-lasting relationships. By now, you are hopefully impressed and dying to work with us.