Our Approach

At Gone Visual Productions, we concentrate on the customer experience. We want this process to be painless, effective and as smooth as possible. We now coach business owners on how to stand and talk to a camera in the best way possible, giving them a sense of comfort on production day.

Having the privilege to teach other people how we work and our values would be amazing, and of course learn from other people. We want to find ourselves in situations where can meet meet like-minded people from all across the world.

Obviously, we want to supply the best products/ services, but being the support system for people to learn how to be on camera as well and talk on camera is our goal. If you would be interested in having a conversation, contact us now.

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Meet the Team


Sam Bardsley


Sam started Gone Visual Productions after studying Business and Media and found a passion for Video Marketing. Next thing he knew he was meeting with manufacturers and business coaches to discuss how he could visualise their marketing ideas. Gone Visual now works within several different industries to develop businesses, pushing them into the future.


Alex Horrox


Alex joined the team after finding a love for interior photography and video whilst working in the furniture making and design industry. Thanks to this, Alex has a keen eye for detail and is always wanting to present the best he can to the customer, whether it be a set of interior photos or a promotional video for your company.

Next Steps...

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